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LuMar "Lu" Bennett


"My artistry mission is to help others develop their foundation of faith and heal, in hopes of sustaining joy and clarity of mind through faith-based socially-conscious content. Each component of the R.E.A.L. B.A.G. acronym speaks to a different aspect of life that I believe is essential for overall wellness, awareness and camaraderie. Overall wellness and awareness includes but is not limited to being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically connected.My hope is to play a role in uniting humanity by way of exuding light and love, so we may all grow into the purest versions of ourselves collectively."

Soulful. Unique. Talented. Spiritual.

-lu bennett



He believes in taking a well-rounded approach towards overall mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Throughout the course of his musical career, Lu has released several projects, opened for the likes of Waka Flocka and Travis Porter, performed all throughout his home state of Kentucky, Florida, Texas and more. 

During his graduating semester of college, Lu Bennett endured a traumatic experience that sent him into a deep state of depression. Having been a preacher's son seeking a way back, Lu held close to his moral values and his solid foundation in God. He now seeks to utilize ministry and musicianship to bring people together like never before. He wishes to touch broken individuals whose paths may not have ever crossed. Lu Bennett realizes that sharing your story and testimony is what people need to hear. He plans to positively influence society by aligning his passion with his purpose; Utilizing his experiences to reach others and ultimately shed light to the greatest story ever told.

LuMar Bennett aka Lu Bennett is an Artist, Poet, Songwriter, Evangelist, Speaker and future Pastoral Counselor. He is currently an online seminary student obtaining his Masters of Divinity from Campbellsville University. He established R.E.A.L. B.A.G. Ministries non-profit in 2021 as the centralized home of his calling to edify others.


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